The colors you select for your presentation will influence how your audience interprets and remembers the facts of your case. In the case below, we created graphics to present numerous financial transactions. Our client, the trustee, wanted the judge to “see” what had taken place prior to the debtor filing for bankruptcy.  We selected colors that would enhance the audience’s retention of the facts (Red = Debt and Green = Money/Assets). Because there were so many entries, we created a magnetic timeline to allow the events to be revealed one at a time as the testimony unfolded. The area in red shows communications between the bank and the debtor that MEC’s loans in default must be repaid. The area below the timeline shows the debtor transferring all of the assets out of MEC.

MEC Timeline Phase II

A second magnetic chart was used with the timeline to show where each asset went after it was transferred out of MEC.                                                                    MEC Assets - Phase I   MEC Assets - Phase III

During the trial, the debtor’s attorney objected saying “there is too much red on that chart”, and the bankruptcy judge replied “it is what it is”.  The judge clearly associated the color red with the remaining debt that had been revealed over time. Click on the YouTube image below to see how both charts work together to tell the story.