Computer Animations can be successfully used in a variety of legal settings. Bring your judge or jury to the scene without them ever leaving the courtroom. You control what your audience sees; keeping their focus on your point of view.

Below are a few ideas that illustrate when a computer animation is the best option.

Hurricane Katrina Animation

The Scene Has Changed

When a scene has changed or no longer exists as it did at the time of the incident, it can be recreated as a 3D environment, and the event can be animated and shown in the courtroom.

Car Accident at Railroad Crossing

It’s Too Dangerous

If an accident is too dangerous to re-enact, it can be safely recreated as a computer animation. Once the 3D environment is complete, the camera can be moved and additional views of the same event can be seen by the judge or jury.

Animation of oxygen tank with blocked air flow.

To See Inside

When the “inside” of an object must be seen to understand what happened, transparent views can show what is otherwise occluded.